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London Bulldogs B - London Legion B 15-2 WIN

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1 London Bulldogs B - London Legion B 15-2 WIN on Mon Mar 29, 2010 1:23 pm

(4-1 ; 4-0 ; 7-1)

1-0 Dave ass. Laco
2-0 Zdeno
2-1 own goal by Dusan
3-1 Zdeno ass. Gabo, Mato
4-1 Laco
5-1 Zdeno ass. Gabo
6-1 Dave ass. Rasto
7-1 Rasto
8-1 Mato ass. Zdeno
9-1 Stano ass. Mato
10-1 Milan ass. Rasto, Dave
11-1 Laco ass. Dave
12-1 Dave ass. Rasto
13-1 ROBO ass. Maros, Jozo
13-2 Gina
14-2 Milan
15-2 Gabo ass. Mato, Zdeno

Congratulation to Robo for scoring his first goal for Bulldogs

Bulldogs Line up:
Robo, Dusan, Roman, Laco, Stano, Tomas
Maros, Jozo, Armin, Mato, Gabo, Zdeno, Milan, Rasto, Dave

Referee Peter Szucs

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