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London Bulldogs - Streatham Night Wolves 4-5 LOSS

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Really good game again, but we should have done better than loosing a game in last minute of 3rd period. We didn't have very good start and found ourselfs 3-1 down. We worked hard in the game and came back to
4-3. We had some great chances but could not score the goals even to the empty net twice. Night wolves then started to pressure us and scored two goals in last period. They scored a winning goal in 59:20.
Man of the match for night wolves was their goalie with some great saves. For bulldogs Riso.
Hopefully Barry's injury isn't serious and we wish him all the best.

Goals: Rasto assist. Peto
Peto assist. Honza
Jozo assist. Juro

Bulldogs line up:
Goalie: Branko
Defense: Stano Marek, Juro Dusan, Laco Roman
Forwards: Rasto Peto Honza, Riso Jozo Zdeno, Milan Robo Vito

Wanker of the match: Kristian Ceniga pig

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2London Bulldogs - Streatham Night Wolves 4-5 LOSS Empty umreli sme na krasu... on Mon Jun 29, 2009 2:58 am

Suhlasim s Rastom, ze ten brankar mal svoj den - hajzel Very Happy ale tolko nepremenych sanci co sme spachali, to sa musi zlepsit..
Snad najdeme risenie v zahrade u Stana v nedelu o 2.30 rano drunken

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3London Bulldogs - Streatham Night Wolves 4-5 LOSS Empty Re Rasta..... on Wed Jul 01, 2009 4:38 pm

Vykon co se tyce takticke strance byl o 100 procent lepsi nez proti polakum!!!Proste jsme selhali v koncovce mohli jsme vyhrat 9:4 a rikat si,jak to byl uzasny zapas...Jen takovych zapasu vic minimalne jeden mesicne at je motivace treovat a zlepsovat se cheers tod vse:)

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Odveta proti poliakom sobota 11.7.2009 o 23:45. Dufam ze ste tu vsetci

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