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Objednavka hokejovych veci / Hockey gear order

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Vsetci co mate v plane kupovat nejake hokejove veci v blizkej buducnosti, chodte na stranku hockeymonkey.com a vyberte si co potrebujete. Brankari na stranke goaliemonkey.com. Z kazdej veci si zapiste kod a cenu a dajte to vediet rastovi alebo mne, nech to mozme dat vsetko dokopy a objednat.

Radsej to rozpisem, aby sme potom nesaskovali jocolor .
Kazda vec ma svoj kod, napr. "easton-hk-a117923" patri tejto hokejke - "http://www.hockeymonkey.com/easton-hockey-synergy-st-stick-sr.html", kod je napisany hned vedla ceny v popise.

Donasku pocitame niekedy koncom januara, kedze sme silni optimisti Smile


Anyone wishing to purchase some hockey gear, please visit hockemonkey.com and make note of a product code and price. Let Rasto or myself know about items you wish to order and we'll put together a collective order. Goalies visit goaliemonkey.com, same rules apply.

For instance a product code "easton-hk-a117923" belongs to the following item: "http://www.hockeymonkey.com/easton-hockey-synergy-st-stick-sr.html"

Estimated delivery is set for the end of January, but it really depends how fast we get the ball rolling.


We are aware that there are some legal obligations such as Import Duty and some hockey brands can't be shipped outside the US territory, but we've got a serious plan in our hands Twisted Evil , so don't worry about it, just send us your wishlist.

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Only Marek, Jogi and Milan have so far sent us their wishlist, so make sure you do it asap.

Send it to the following email addresses:

bzuko22@hotmail.com or rastofedo@hotmail.com

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3Objednavka hokejovych veci / Hockey gear order Empty Happy New Year 2010 on Fri Jan 01, 2010 12:06 pm

Caute,kedy pravdepodobne to chcete objednat,mate datum???dajte vediet jocolor

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Right, this is the last chance to order your hockey gear from US. We have to set the deadline, otherwise this will be going on forever.
Please note, the deadline for your orders is 17/01/2010 (Sunday this week).
The current status is as seen in the table below, thank you to those participating so far cheers

Please note, there will be a further discount applied to these prices, which will reflect on your estimated shipping costs (the column on the right), so you'll be paying less than what you're seeing in the table right now.
Discount percentage is dependent on number of people placing an order.

So please remind this to everyone, in order to get this sorted asap.

updated 12/1/2010 @ 21.54

Objednavka hokejovych veci / Hockey gear order Objedn12

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5Objednavka hokejovych veci / Hockey gear order Empty caute on Mon Jan 18, 2010 4:17 pm

tak ako stojime s tou objednavkou?? Question Question Question
Peto mal si cas to poslat????
Je tam nejaka zlava???
ako rychlo vam treba peniaze????

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Peniaze doneste v nedelu a to v dolaroch presne kolko ma hodnotu vas tovar. Postovne tj. letenka bude v librach

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No nikto iny sa uz neozval, takze to takto ponechame.
Ja som momentalne na slovensku a budem tu este dva tyzdne, tak ako rasto pisal, prineste mu peniaze tak ako su v tabulke.

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